Importance of Assessment Tests

Have you ever wondered what is it about assessment tests that they are so important during the school years? You might have pondered over this same question most probably in an irritated manner when you were the one to take those tests. But then, after a hiatus, the same question arises again, to your amusement when you have to choose assessments books for your kids..

Want evidence for the popularity of assessment books? Then, take a walk through a popular retail bookstore and you are sure to see hundreds of assessment books for all ages. The chances are that, most probably, you will be besieged with an umpteen number of assessment books that would make you confused regarding which to choose.

According to a number of studies undertaken in the field of education, assessment tests are considered as one of the best ways by which you can support your child’s developmental needs. So if you wish to impart the right skills that are needed to meet your child’s potential, then these tests are one good way. They are a reliable tool for guided instructions.

Moreover, they are also one of the effective ways by which your child can be assessed in various niches. So if your child is having a hard time at school with regard to studies and you do not know where to start, then the best solution for you comes in the form of assessment tests. This is because they have the ability to identify what needs to be rectified or changed so as to lead the children to their full potential. As we all know, the importance of being watchful and making the correct assessments goes a long way in the education of a child.

Assessment tests are basically those procedures through which information is collected about a student with respect to his education. It can be with regard to a particular subject or an entire field of study.

Out of the numerous procedures in this, one of the main assessment procedures is tests. In this, the student is being given a number of questions based on what they have learnt and understood. Based on the answers the student has provided, a score is being calculated. After calculating what the student has scored, their results are then compared with certain guidelines. This, in turn, will help to provide insights and information about the student’s ability with regard to the tested subject. As a result of all these, it becomes possible to identify those areas where the kids need to work more. Rather than consider it as an assessment or test of your child or child’s intelligence, it should be considered and recommended as a learning process. It is a process of learning in which the student along with the parents and teachers are able to understand what all we need to do more with regard to those areas where the child is weak and how they can be overcome through combined efforts. It should be something that extends beyond what is being learnt in the classrooms.

Assessment tests help us to pinpoint those areas where the kid is strong and where they need to get more attention so as to steer them to their potential. Assessment outcomes are found to have the ability to direct and alter kids learning process. So what happens essentially, is that once assessments tests are taken and stress is given in the weaker areas, it may help your child get the much needed confidence that they should always have. Alongwise, it will give you as a parent more reason to cheer up with regard to their performances. It will give the students a clear understanding of their weakness and how they can steer clear of them by undertaking measures to correct them. Moreover, a number of new skills are always emerging and expected of kids. A quick and reliable method regarding the specific steps you need to take up so as to fill those gaps can be done through these assessment tests. It should be able to give a roadmap regarding your child’s education.

So, if you are all ready to let your kids take assessment tests, then make sure that the assessment tests are in accordance with these points so that they bring the maximum benefits for your kids. Keeping these in mind can go a long way in choosing the correct ones.

A good assessment test should have the following features according to the study done by Irvin Katz (1997) and Jerome Kagan (1998). They are the pioneer figures in this field of area and have authored a number of books in the same genre.

– The tests should bring benefits for the children directly or indirectly. It should enhance or boost the learning process and assist the kids with the curriculum.

– They should be for a tailored purpose and should be reliable and fair with regard to that purpose.

– The assessment test procedure should be able to monitor the trends or progression of the child with respect to the subject of the tests. It should also help the kids to assess themselves.

– It should be age appropriate with respect to the content and collection of data. Assessment of younger children is much more difficult and therefore more care should be taken while assessing them.

– Provide an understanding of certain situations wherein it becomes possible to understand and detect special needs, learning and teaching problems.

So now after being equipped with all this knowledge, don’t you ever get confused with all the noise and clamor about the efficiency of assessment tests. They can play a major role in your child’s education. It should be just that you should ensure the quality of the assessment tests.

Getting the Right Tutor for Your Child

The 21st century is very competitive for students, particularly in Singapore, where exemplary exam results and academic success are vital to a student’s future. Unfortunately, most of the teachers in our schools are often not able to give their students the individual attention that they need to achieve their high levels of academic success in their studies and exams.

Home Tutoring for the Struggling Student

Many students, often the underachievers and those with learning difficulties struggle in school to cope with their daily homework and exam preparation. Often, it is not that they are not smart nor that they are committed enough. Usually, it is because a student needs personalised guidance and training to perform better in his exams which are more challenging and demanding.

The key to enhancing a student’s poor results in his exams is home tuition. A home tutor will be able to adjust his teaching styles to suit the student’s individual learning needs. The tutor can also focus and help by imparting him with vital skills and exam strategies that will boost his self esteem and confidence to perform better in his studies and exams.

One of the most powerful tools and study strategies that a tutor can use is the internet. With the whole world at the student’s fingertips, there are always valuable study resources and tools the student can easily access to improve his knowledge. The internet offers a new perspective to students worldwide and often brings about the epiphany that is the signal of true learning.

Home Tuition to Improve Examination Scores

A third of the 500 parents interviewed in the Straits Times study mentioned that their children scored higher grades and their academic results improved significantly prior to their engaging a home tutor for their children. By engaging the right home tutor who is well qualified and experienced, it is a success pathway for true academic achievement for a student.

General Tutor versus a Subject Specialist Tutor

A general tutor is usually able to help a student with their core subjects which are English, Maths, Science and Mother Tongue Language subjects. The tutor will teach and help the student to study more effectively to perform better in his daily works and exams.

A subject specialist tutor will teach and train a student on a specific subject only.

For example, a student seeking to enter who wants to be a lawyer will need to ace his English and General Paper. A subject specialist tutor can help a student to excel in the subject he is teaching by helping his student to focus more on exam strategies. He can also teach his student how to apply the strategies successfully and effectively in his studies and exams.

Professional Tutors

In Singapore, where competitive testing is part of every student’s daily challenges in his studies and exams, there are thousands of people who can claim to be tutors. The most important thing for parents or students to do is to engage tutors who are well trained, experienced and committed. Parents should always interview the tutor and check out his credentials, experience and teaching philosophy before engaging the tutor.

Since home tuition is vital for the success of a student’s performance in Singapore’s highly competitive academic world, parents should choose tutors wisely.

Engaging a home tutor is an investment that will pays dividends for a lifetime.

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If A Job Is Worth Doing, It Is Worth Doing Well

Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well; and nothing can be done well without focus. This requires attention down to the lowest things such as the way you dress. However, nobody does it right the first time. We need to move out of our comfort zone to make this strategy perfect. In other words, enjoy doing it poorly the first time and improve yourself as you progress. There is a lot of room for improvement as long as you are open to change or to learn.

Every time I reflect on these words I cannot help but wonder how would everything change if each of us took that extra mile to do the task correctly? How many times have we faced with the need to re-do a task because it was not correct or even require someone else to revise their work for the same reason? Now, if you don’t have the time to do it right the very first time when will you find the time to do it over?

Each of us has an important job to do. Everything impacts on everything else. The job that each of us does on a daily basis is a true reflection of who we are, no matter how large or small is equally significant. Doing a job well builds pride and makes other people proud of your achievement.

This came from a commitment to do it right. Doing your job right is not a part-time approach. It means doing everything right, all of the time, or at least striving for that end result. If you are committed to doing it right and not achieve your desired outcome, you could have done it better because you’re your worst critic.

In my line of work, I met many types of people.The quality of my work already speak about my performance. I don’t want be choosy with my clients. But based on experience, I learned how to read people; which limits my desire to extend my services to them. Once the deal is closed, I expect to be paid half of my professional fee. Yet some people let me down a number of times, which is sometimes sad, but I have learned to accept that I cannot trust them to follow through on what they say they are going to do.

Friendships and deeply connected relationships survived based on trust. I lose respect for people whose word doesn’t mean anything to them. It’s okay for me if my client explain his/her circumstance. I can understand that. I can even give them a leeway at the beginning. There might be a good reason why they can’t do what they promised they were going to do. But if this happens over and over again, refrain from transacting with these type of people.